Anyone can lose the ability to manage their affairs in the short-term or the longer-term due to accident, illness, or diminishing mental capacity which some experience in older age. If it happens to you, you will need an Attorney – a trusted and reliable person to help with your welfare and to manage your property and financial affairs.

I’m in perfect health – why would I need to appoint an Attorney now?

It is best to appoint an Attorney while you are still in good health and able to make decisions for yourself. If you don’t, then someone – perhaps a family member – applies to the court to be appointed as your Controller. This is a lengthy and often stressful process which could take up to a year to resolve, and which can be very costly.

The Controller has to account to the Office of Care and Protection in the High Court annually and the Office of Care and Protection charge a fee for checking the accounts. They are also closely involved in the managing of your affairs and your Controller will need their consent and approval for everything they do. In addition the Office of Care and Protection often requires that the Controller take out costly insurance indemnity policies.

On the other hand if you choose and appoint your own Attorney the whole process is much more convenient and cost effective.

How do I go about appointing my own Attorney?

Babingtons Solicitors, as experts can take you through the process of appointing your own Attorney, based on your own particular needs and circumstances. Then we can prepare the relevant documentation and submit it to the Office of Care and Protection (OCP) for registration in the event it should be needed. It’s a pretty straightforward process that’s not too costly.

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