So you don’t have a will because:

  • I just never got round to it
  • I don’t need one
  • It’s too expensive
  • It’s tempting fate!

The truth is that no excuse is good enough for failing to make a will.  If you die without making a Will then the Law will dictate how your Estate is to be distributed – which may not be in accordance with your wishes or your family’s needs.  It is all so much clearer and easier for family and friends if there is a Will which clearly sets out your wishes.

Even if you feel you  don’t have valuable assets to leave,  a Will is necessary for a range of reasons,  such as: appointing someone to deal with your affairs upon your death; making gifts of personal belongings such as jewellery; disposing of property or debts; paying inheritance taxes.  So take the first step now and contact the experts at Babingtons Solicitors, as follows:

Derry~Londonderry office:  Ian McCarter or Natasha McDermott at 028 7134 9531 or email:  or