Over your lifetime, you may accumulate assets such as your home or investments, which you want to protect and retain control over during your lifetime and which after your death can be passed on to your chosen beneficiaries.

But sometimes life gets in the way and you may face a threat to these assets from, for example, residential care home needs in older age, taxation, or a change in family or business circumstances. The need for Residential care is becoming increasingly common and if you have any assets you will be obliged to pay the costs yourself meaning there may not be much left for your beneficiaries when you die.

However, you can minimise the threat if you prepare in advance and Babingtons can help you with this. So why not consider an Asset/Family Protection Trust? For more information on Asset Protection Trusts contact our expert Ian McCarter at 028 7134 9531 or email:  imccarter@babingtonlaw.com